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You feel you have the soul of Jack London, you like the great outdoors and freedom, you like walking around in the forest, do you own tracks, listen to the nature talking to you, feel the silence of the mountains...
Snowshoe is another way of getting to know the mountains in winter, both softly and contemplatively!

"LA VACHE QUI RIDE" takes you on a hike to this white and soft universe for one day, a half-day and even an evening by torch light with dinner in a high restaurant-hut or in an original Indian TIPI: guaranteed mountain atmosphere !

And for those who likes adventure, a week-end with snowshoe walk and night in a tipi will bring you back in the 19th century trapper ambiance.
Description & level
Half-day walks are easy ones, they have a 200-meter maximum difference in altitude and are therefore accessible to everyone, from kids to adults, from 7 to 77 and even more... pleasure is not a question of age !
The day-excursions have a 500-meter maximum difference in altitude and are accessible to anyone with an acceptable physical condition, but you don't need to be CARL LEWIS !

Several subjects will be approached such as animal tracks, mountain pastures, the creation of the Alps, the study of snow and safety in the mountains. You will also be introduced to the hunt of the Yeti and the Wild Alpine Beast...(known in France as the " Dahut".)

Snowshoes, ski sticks and research devices for avalanche victims (known in French as A.R.V.A.), will be provided as well as the transport up to 8 people.
For more than 8 people, the use (or joint use) of personal cars will be appreciated.
These hikes start at Les Carroz d'Araches, either directly with snowshoes providing the snow conditions are good, or by driving to several spots around Les Carroz, which allows you to have a different hike every day of the week !

Each week, you will be offered a different program, which may be changed according to the snow, weather and safety conditions.
It will be available in winter in Les Carroz at the Tourist Information Office and at the two offices of the French Ski School (Ecole du Ski Franšais).
WINTER 2007 PRICES (in euros per person)
  • Half-day excursion (9.00-12.00 or 13.00-16.00) : 17 euros/pers
  • Day excursion (9.00-16.00) : 30 euros/pers
  • Night excursion (18.00-very late...) in a mountain restaurant hut : 17 euros/pers + 27 euros for the dinner

  • From 2 to 12 persons, on demand
  • Half day walk: 100 euros
  • Full day walk: 183 euros
    Diner in an indian Tipi
    Become a trapper for an evening in a real Indian tipi!!
    The tipi (or teepee) is the tent of the American nomad Indians.
    It's a fresh shelter in summer and warm in winter.
    By its form, its proportions, the emotions that it creates, the cosy atmosphere it brings, the tipi offers a magic dive in the nature and an outstanding experience to share with family or friends.

    After a half an hour snowshoe walk, in an out of time ambiance you'll eat a "savoyarde fondue" (melted cheese) cooked on an open fire wood.
    The return with candle light, head in the stars, will bring you back softly to civilization for a "cool landing".

    Price dinner in an INDIAN TIPI : 20 euros/pers + 18 euros for the dinner