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Inscription to one of our holidays gives you automatic affiliation to our association and general conditions apply. Each inscription must be completed in two copies and signed by the participant and accompanied with a deposit of 30%, plus any insurance fees that may apply. Reception of the deposit guarantees the reservation within the limit of available places. Upon acceptance, we will send you an invoice as confirmation of your reservation. The balance is due and payable 30 days before the departure date. Where inscriptions are made less than 30 days from the departure date, payment must be made in full with the reservation. The annual affiliation fee (10 € per person) is offered free of charge.
The customer acknowledges to have seen details and information relating to the holiday chosen from our brochure and technical leaflets, which will have been supplied together with our invoice. In general, airport taxes, vaccination fees, visas, drinks, site visits and personal equipment are excluded from the price unless specifically agreed in writing beforehand. Modification due to exchange rate fluctuations, transport fees or other service providers could result in a price revision. Current prices are fixed on the basis of known costs as at November 1st, 2005 and may be subject to revision for variance up to the departure date.
You will receive your invoice and confirmation at least 10 days prior to departure date. You will also receive full documentation giving all necessary information you will require in order to complete the holiday (eg. Time and place of meeting, how to get there, addresses, 'phone numbers etc).
Police, Customs and Health Regulations : Each participant is responsible for obtaining and respecting the requisite Police, Customs and Public Health formalities. Such information is supplied only for information purposes only and cannot engage our responsibity. Non respect of any of these rules engages the sole responsibility of the participant who is responsible for his own cost.
In view of the sportive nature of our holidays , we cannot be held responsible for any indemnity due to change of date, times or itinery, especially if changes are due to events beyond our control or likely to endanger the safety of participants. Each participant must obey the advice given by the instructors and we can not be held liable for any imprudence or accident committed by participants acting on their own initiative. The instructors are the only judge during the stay who can modify the planned program according to meteorological and mountain conditions, the fitness of participants and their technical abilities. In consequence, an alternative itinery or change of mountain spot may be proposed. Any supplementary expenses caused by such an event are at the expense of the client.
The Association, acting as an intermediary between the participants and the service providers (transport, hoteliers, charters, local agents) acting in their own right, cannot be held responsible for their services. We cannot be held responsible for modifications to arrival or departure dates and would request reimbursement of costs directly related to such changes. Should it be impossible to provide the services offered, we will use our best endeavors to provide equivalent services in substitution. Should we be obliged due to circomstances beyond our control , to modify, change or otherwise the means of transport, hotel, itinery or to cancel certain excursions, the participant cannot claim any indemnification nor refuse such changes without a real and justified reason.
Due to the Participant. Any cancellation must be notified by registered letter before the due departure date. In the case of cancellation with more than 30 days notice, any sums paid will be reimbursed. However, an administration fee of fifty three euros and thirty six centimes (53.36€) per person will be retained. For les than 30 days' notification of cancellation, the following sums will be retained :,:
  • from 30 to 22 days : 25 % of total ;
  • from 21 to 15 days : 50 % of total ;
  • from 14 to 8 days : 75 % of total ;
  • from 7 to 2 days : 90 % of total ;
  • from less than 2 jours : 100 % of total. For trips requiring the purchase of a non reimbursable, non modifiable ticket, the amount of the ticket will remain due from the date of the original inscription. Any voluntary interruption to the trip due to the participant gives no right to reimbursement even if such exclusion is decided by the instructors because of lack of ability or non respect of security advice. In the event of not being able to participate in the trip, the participant may propose an alternative person, provided that that person meets the same conditions and we have not engaged reservations in the original participants' name. You are obliged to inform us by registered letter no later than 7 days prior to the date of departure: Should we be obliged to cancel for reasons beyond our control, we will propose other suitable alternatives, at the going rate, or reimburse totally any sums paid. Moreover, our trips being the object of a minimum of 4 participants, should we be obliged to cancel due to lack of participation, you will be advised at minimum 21 days before the due departure date. In such circumstances, we will not be liable to pay any compensation whatsoever
    We cannot be held responsible for civil liability. It is the responsibilty of each participant to ensure he has full insurance cover - civil responsibilty and general cancellation, repatriation, illness, accident, baggage loss, mountain recovery etc. We can propose a GENERALI contract. An extract of the general conditions will be communicated prior to inscription. Insurance rates:
  • Cancellation + Repatriation : 3 % ;
  • Cancellation only : 2,50 % ;
  • repatriation seul : 1 % ;
  • Carte X-sports assistance (duration 1 an) : individual : 40 € - family : 75 € ;
  • With extension for airial sports : individual : 50 € - family : 95 €. Should you wish to subscribe to our insurance repatriation, please indicate details of your existing insurance policy. Repatriation insurance is obligatory to participate in our trips.
    Any claim relating to the trip must be sent by recorded delivery within one calendar month following the return date to : Association S.E.R.A.C. Organisation - 6, rue Voltaire - 38000 GRENOBLE SIRET : 441 871 787 00020 APE 633Z - TVA intracommunautaire : FR84441871787 Agrément tourisme : APRIAM AG 073.98.0001 - rue de guise - 73000 CHAMBÉRY Garant: CRÉDIT AGRICOLE DES SAVOIE - 73003 CHAMBÉRY RCP : MUTUELLES DU MANS - police A3.056.234 - Cabinet BELLET - 69600 OULLINS